Thank you for your interest in applying for sponsorship. The 2019 sponsorship window has now closed.

The next round of sponsorship will be available early in the New Year.

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Crescent Purchasing Limited [CPL] (registered charity number 1130461) is an education sector owned charity. 100% of any profits made by CPC, Tenet Education Services (TES) and Tenet Procurement Services (TPS) are combined each year and the charities board of trustees approve the redistribution of surplus reserves for reinvestment back into the education sector.


The table illustrates the different categories of funding and the maximum funding available per application.

Funding Category Funding Threshold per application (ex VAT)
Student Award(s) Sponsorship £100
External Speakers £500
Sponsorship of Organisation Event/Activity £1000
Educational Visits, incl. supervisory staff £1000
Teaching Materials £5000
Innovative Teaching & Learning Resources £20,000

Illustration of a person working

Example projects

The detail below illustrates examples of projects that Crescent Purchasing Limited (The Charity) consider suitable.

Suitable examples

  • Student Award Sponsorship
  • Contribution to student bursary
  • Sponsorship of national schools sporting event
  • Funding related to the provision of musical instruments and/or musical training
  • Funding cycling proficiency schemes to promote healthier lifestyles
  • Funding related to the provision of mental health services for students, particularly around exam times
  • Funding towards Prince’s Trust
  • Funding towards the Young Enterprise scheme
  • Funding towards Duke of Edinburgh schemes
  • Funding for foreign exchange trips
  • Funding for Carbon Literacy Training

Examples of what would not qualify

  • Projects which the organisation already has a statutory duty to undertake
  • Any political, lobbying, pressure or campaigning activities
  • Funding of vacancies or existing roles
  • Funding of staff overseas trips, excluding learner educational trips
  • Funding for capital build/refurbishment projects
  • Consultancy costs
  • Licence and subscription costs
  • Applications for a deposit for lease agreements


Find out if your sponsorship proposal meets our qualifying criteria and what you will require for drafting your proposal.

Qualifying Criteria

Criteria Weighting
(1) Achieved a minimum of a full year’s membership with the CPC. Pass/Fail
(2) Utilised at least 1 CPC framework within the 12 months prior to the 1st Feb 2019. Pass/Fail
(3) Completion of 2019 Member survey Pass/Fail
(4) Must be able to clearly demonstrate how the funding would achieve a minimum of one of the following evaluation criteria: CPL has ranked and weighted this criteria in order of importance for bidders to consider when making their application
4.1 - An improvement to teaching and learning within the organisation. 60%
4.2 - A positive impact on the learner’s experience of education. 25%
4.3 - How the funding is supporting the learning of economically disadvantaged learners and minority groups. 15%


The application process will contain a section which will enable the applicant to offer part-funding towards the overall project cost. This section is not mandatory, however in the situation where the value of applications exceed available funding, applications with offers of part-funding will be viewed upon favourably thus enabling as many projects as possible to receive sponsorship funding.

The evaluation panel will meet on a monthly-basis to evaluate submissions. All applications will be evaluated by the panel and prioritised using the qualifying criteria listed.

Organisations are only permitted to submit one application.

As part of the application process, applicants are required to complete an online survey. Take the 2019 member survey.


We firmly believe that with our support you can enhance the value for money on the goods and services you purchase. This can also have a positive impact on quality and price, help you buy better goods and services and reinvest your savings to improve teaching and learning within your organisation. Gain an idea of the types of student events and activities we sponsor by taking a look at the example projects below.

Past projects

Crescent Learning is our training brand used to promote all our training opportunities. The Charity has previously supported the following training projects:

  • Apprenticeships - £300,000 was committed to fully fund the employment of 15 apprentices. Apprentices were employed at various Colleges throughout the country and given the opportunity to gain valuable experience of procurement work, with an element of finance and office training.
  • NVQ 3 Procurement Qualification - £60,000 was committed to support employees of member organisations to gain this qualification free of charge.
  • Procurement Training - £35,000 was committed to provide free of charge attendance at CPD accredited training courses. Funding is still available
  • Free Training Webinars - Recent webinars have included:
    • Contract Management Guidance
    • Buying Insurance for FE Colleges

Current projects

The latest funding made available by the Charity will support the following projects:

  • E-Learning Courses - E-learning platform to provide free of charge procurement related courses.
  • Subsidised costs for Tenet On-Demand Services - Subsidised Procurement Consultancy Services.
  • Collaboration tender exercise for Employee Screening Services - Co-ordination of a tender encompassing all the public sector. Project sponsored by the Charity and Dukefield Procurement.
  • Regional ProcurEd Conferences - Funding to operate procurement focused conferences.


Applying for Sponsorship

To apply for sponsorship you will be asked to provide;

  • Details of your organisation
  • The start and end date of any activity/event
  • State if you are applying for full or part funding
  • Provide a description of the event and activity you wish to apply for sponsorship (max 500 words)
  • Demonstrate in no more than 300 words, how your event and activity meets (at least one of) the evaluation criteria (4.1, 4.2, 4.3)

Ready to Apply

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