Picture of Joanna Frost

Communications & Engagement Manager

Tel: 07990 763928

Email: [email protected]

What my job role is:

To help members get the most out of their CPC membership by providing hands on support. This includes on-site visits, advice on how to use framework agreements and general procurement advice and guidance.

What I'm professionally passionate about:

Improving the procurement practices of CPC members and ensuring member requirements are fed back to CPC in order that our portfolio of frameworks continue to meet our member’s needs.

What previous experiences I have that link in with my current role:

My experience in running tenders in compliance with the EU procurement regulations has afforded me knowledge in the intricacies of the regulations enabling me to share my knowledge with our member. My experience of tendering also enables me to advise members on writing request for quotes and invitation to tenders that can be used with our framework agreements or for general procurement activity.

My inspiration and motivation:

I’m motivated by helping members realise the benefits of using framework agreements to make efficiencies and achieve cost savings.

How would I describe myself in three words?

Conscientious, approachable and passionate