Picture of Peter McMullan

Head of Contracting Services

Tel: 0161 974 0950

Email: [email protected]

What my job role is:

My role requires me to establish, manage and maintain EU compliant frameworks to meet the varied needs and requirements of our members. My objectives are to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of members’ estates through innovative procurement solutions whilst ensuring the achievement of best value, so that every student can realise their educational potential.

What I'm professionally passionate about:

I am passionate advocate for delivering innovative, value-adding and cost-effective procurement solutions to CPC members. I believe that CPC can play a significant role in providing young people with the best possible educational opportunities and outcomes.

What previous experiences I have that link in with my current role:

I have worked in both the private and public sector for the past 12 years specialising in Construction and Facilities Management. During that time, I have met a very broad range of customer requirements and will use this experience and expertise to better guide members with requirements in these areas.

My inspiration and motivation:

To help members provide the best learning environment possible for their students so that each individual has the opportunity to fulfil their potential

How would I describe myself in three words?

Positive, Proactive, Professional