Picture of Myles Woodman

Senior Procurement Officer

Tel: 0161 974 0945

Email: [email protected]

What my job role is:

My job is to work within the contracting team to service and manage frameworks for our members to use and answer any quires that they may have.

What I'm professionally passionate about:

I am passionate about helping anyone achieve their end goals and progression by assisting them with my previous experiences or working collaboratively to create a solution.

What previous experiences I have that link in with my current role:

Having worked in retail and then procurement in FE I have a solid knowledge of what the customer requires so can use this when creating my frameworks and providing customer service to our members. Also, being a Taekwondo Master, I have strong experience in teaching and presenting to people.

My inspiration and motivation:

My inspiration and motivation are helping my fellow colleagues strive as a team and to help our members and suppliers to deliver a high level of service for one and other.

How would I describe myself in three words?

Considerate, Unwavering, Vexillologist