Checking your spend report

There is a cashback incentive for members to check their spend figures quarterly. Complete the member spend report and if a supplier doesn’t report spend and you report the missing spend for a framework to CPC, you will receive 50% (excluding VAT) of the income that is due to CPC from the supplier, the exception being Building Cleaning and Catering frameworks where the rebate is 25%. This initiative was upgraded from a flat rate of 25% in December 2019 having originally been introduced in 2016/2017 for all members and rolled back to also include 2015/2016. It is well worth checking your spend each quarter as the biggest cashback to date is £3123.98.

Why should you check your spend reports?

  • It ensures that you are obtaining CPC pricing. The reports are compiled from supplier reports of invoiced spend – this is especially important if a member assumes they have EU and audit cover by using CPC tendered contracts
  • It helps you see where you are using a consortium contract and can highlight which contracts you are not currently using
  • It helps you report your individual savings from using CPC contracts. This can be helpful for FE colleges to report on their savings
  • It highlights any supplier mistakes any omitted spend figures when reporting which is important for the CPC operation’ to this: ‘It highlights any supplier mistakes and any omitted spend figures which is important for the CPC operation

Member spend report quarterly periods

The CPC financial year runs from 1st August to 31st July and member spend reports are produced quarterly. Once each quarter ends members are emailed at the end of the following month once all the spend figures have been collected.

  • 1st August to 31st October
  • 1st November to 31st January
  • 1st February to 30th April
  • 1st May to 31st July

Should you require your report in a half yearly or yearly format contact Susan Burt via or call Susan on 0161 974 0948 and Susan will provide this for you.

Additional notes on spend reports

Should your institution have tendered or negotiated a contract separately or via another consortium agreement and not through the CPC, spend information will not show against that supplier even if the supplier is available via the CPC. Some suppliers will move institutions over to the CPC contract mid-term, others will not. Members should check their situation with each relevant supplier.

No spend will be reported to the CPC by suppliers on any TUCO contracts.

Outsourced Catering spend is only reported yearly and is included in May to July’s figures each year.

Tips for comparing your spend

The following tips have been provided by other members who currently carry out the spend comparison between their records and the CPC records:

  1. Investigate if there is a way to mark CPC suppliers within your finance system. You can then create a report of spend for these suppliers which can be used to carry out your comparison against the CPC list
  2. Highlight on your purchase orders to CPC suppliers that you are a CPC member. There may be a way to do this automatically within your finance system
  3. Should you have a reporting tool within or attached to your finance system set up a report which includes all invoices within a certain period. You can then highlight the CPC suppliers, total up the invoices per supplier and do a quick and easy comparison of the totals

To view your institution report

  1. Click My Institution.
  2. Then My Institution spend.
  3. Click the required year.
  4. institution spend
  5. Click on the figure.
  6. year spend
  7. From here it lists the periods available. Just click the required period.
  8. compare spend
  9. This will show all the net spend reported by suppliers on invoices raised within each quarter. Please note VAT needs to be added.

Should you find any discrepancies between your spend and what has been reported kindly contact Susan Burt via or call Susan on 0161 974 0948 with the following information to hand:

  • Supplier name
  • Account number (if relevant)
  • Invoice numbers
  • Invoice dates
  • Purchase order number (if any)
  • Total value (preferably net of VAT)

We will then investigate these, and we will let you know the outcome. If you require your report half yearly or yearly, kindly let us know (via the email contact above) and we will email it to you.