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Role of the Liaison Officer

You will be asked to nominate a Liaison Officer for your institution when you join CPC. You can put yourself forward or the person who will mainly use our services such as a business manager or procurement officer. The Liaison Officer will be your organisation’s key contact for your CPC membership and an active member of the CPC member community.

The Liaison Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Keeping your institution’s contact details up to date
  • Sharing key communications from CPC with your team
  • Providing feedback in surveys to help continually improve CPC's service
  • Reporting your institution’s spend every 3 months via your account

Reporting spend

Reporting what you have spent with CPC suppliers is important as it helps us to record all spend through the frameworks. This process helps to ensure CPC receive funds from suppliers and any surpluses can be reinvested into the education sector via our charitable initiatives.

Contact from suppliers

As the key contact you will receive communications from CPC offering engagement with our framework agreements. You will also receive communications from framework suppliers, we ask suppliers to keep them limited to relevant communications.

Changing your Liaison Officer

If you need to nominate a new Liaison Officer, please contact our helpdesk and they will update your account so that your institution doesn't miss out on any important information.