7th Jun 2019

CPC members can get a substantial discount on Tenet Education Services’ On Demand Tender Support service. This discount is only available for education establishments, courtesy of funding from the education sector owned registered charity Crescent Purchasing Limited. CPC and Tenet’s surpluses go to Crescent Purchasing Limited and the Charity reinvests them into the education sector.

Further education colleges, schools and academies can all apply for the discount. The funding is available on a first come, first served basis and it’s only available for a limited time.

Tenet will use a Crescent Purchasing Consortium framework for these projects, so you will get all of the CPC framework benefits plus you will get a managed service from Tenet. Tenet’s expertise, experience and understanding of the marketplace is extremely beneficial in complex procurements such as outsourced cleaning and catering.

Tenet’s nationwide On Demand support will be designed to meet your institution’s needs and it is PCR 2015 compliant. Tenet’s one-off tenders save their customers 14% on average (based on cleaning tenders). Tenet’s objective is to maximise value for money. In doing so any savings you make can be reinvested back into improving teaching and learning within your institution.

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Email Tenet on: [email protected] or call: 01376 511 411.