23rd Aug 2019

IBM UK Financial Services Ltd (trading as IBM Global Financing) have announced a change in their global strategy for 2019. IBM are winding down their operations, meaning they are no longer able to provide financing for products that are not IBM branded, or integral to a wider IBM solution.

Due to this change, IBM have been removed from the following Leasing Services framework lots as of 7th August 2019, after providing CPC with the appropriate notice period:

  • Lot 1: Operating Lease - ICT, High Tech and Telecommunications assets
  • Lot 2: Operating Lease - General Vehicles, Plant and Machinery assets
  • Lot 3: Finance Lease - General Vehicles, Plant and Machinery assets

Crescent Purchasing are happy that the remaining suppliers are available to fulfil our members’ needs but if any institution has any queries or concerns regarding this, please contact Lisa O’Shea, Contracts and Procurement Officer on 0161 974 0947 or [email protected]