3rd Sep 2019

The 1st October 2019 renewal window is fast approaching and with many suppliers requiring a minimum of one month’s termination notice, we would strongly advise members to submit their contract termination notice to their current suppliers in good time, as a standard practice to protect your interests. Termination requirements do vary by supplier, so it’s worth checking our termination notice period guide for energy suppliers. Contact the energy helpdesk via [email protected] for extra guidance and assistance.

Current Markets

There is some volatility in the markets at present but the overall cost position is still very respectable. Some factors influencing prices are: the Crude Oil output caps and sanctions, trade sanctions and Brexit related Sterling weakness affecting the cost of imported Energy sources, such as Interconnectors or LNG. During summer 2018 there was an elevated late summer peak, so we would advise members not to leave October renewals to the last minute in case there is a recurrence of this.

The pricing process has been streamlined to allow ease of access and in order to capitalise on favourable market conditions. Members wishing to access pricing through the CPC Utilities Supplies & Services framework just need to complete a Letter of Authority template (signed and printed on your institution's letter headed paper) and provide UPG with a copy of a recent Gas and Electric invoice for each supply point, along with confirmation of contract end dates and any annual energy consumption information would be useful.