4th Oct 2019

The Leasing Services framework was awarded on 18th September 2017, for an initial two-year period until 2019, and with the potential for a further two-1-year periods until 17th September 2021.

Discussions between CPC and suppliers concluded with the decision that the framework will run into its first extension until 17th September 2020.

The following suppliers remain on the framework following the extension:

  • Bluestone Leasing
  • CHG-Meridian
  • CMC IT
  • Room Twelve

We have been seeing a gradual increase of usage through the framework over the past year, and are confident that by working together closely with the remaining suppliers, we will be able to provide guidance for our members that may allow them to better understand leasing and how this may be a better alternative to outright purchase in some circumstances.

Members are advised to keep an eye out for further guidance from CPC or suppliers on their individual pages on the CPC Website.

Anyone with any queries or concerns with regards to this should contact Lisa O’Shea, Contracting Officer on [email protected] or 0161 974 0947.