15th Jan 2020

CPC is procurement for education and Crescent Learning is education for procurement.

Funded by CPL Group, Crescent Learning provides CPC members with procurement resources, all geared to helping you to be the best you can be at procurement.

Now available at are three new training videos covering key knowledge areas in procurement, written with you in mind:

  • Framework delivery from inception to launch - This video addresses how CPC engage with stakeholders and suppliers, develops specifications, adheres to procurement procedures, produces user documentation and markets the framework agreement.
  • Making a framework work for you - This video addresses the due diligence process undertaken by CPC on framework suppliers, the benefits to you of using a CPC framework agreement, what a framework cannot deliver, how suppliers respond to your competitions through a framework and how to maximise the number of supplier responses.
  • College insurance procurement and risk - This video is designed specifically for those with responsibility of procuring insurance services within a further education college environment. The video addresses the types of insurance policies to be bought, the risks of over or under insuring, the insurance marketplace, tender preparation and evaluation and risk mitigation.

The videos are designed as bite sized learning that will fit easily into busy work schedules.  The insurance procurement and risk is essential viewing for any colleges re-tendering their insurance contracts this spring.

New procurement training course

Crescent Learning has also expanded its funded procurement training to now include a CIPS short training course:

  • Delivering social value - This course outlines the principles of social value and helps you to identify opportunities to maximise the social value benefits that your organisation can deliver. You will consider the key techniques and processes that can be deployed across the procurement cycle to maximise the delivery of social value benefits through effective procurement and supply chain management. The course will explore how to align social value with your organisation’s core values and cultivate a culture of social value. It will also help you to develop suitable metrics and reporting mechanisms which will enable your organisation to demonstrate the positive impact of your social value interventions.  The course is being held on 12 March 2020 in London and on 5 November 2020 in Birmingham. 

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Courses added last month include new a e-learning course – Understand need – Market & Options Assessment plus new dates in 2020 for day training courses in Writing Specifications and Evaluation Techniques. 

Visit to find out more and book your free place.

Crescent Learning is funded by CPL Group - an education charity comprised of three not-for-profit procurement organisations (Crescent Purchasing Consortium, Tenet Education Services and Tenet Procurement Services).  Any surpluses made by these organisations are reviewed by the charity’s board of trustees and following approval, a proportion is redistributed into the education sector and allows us to invest in the learning and development of procurement within the education sector.