6th Mar 2020

With large-scale cyber-attacks and data breaches hitting the headlines on almost a daily basis and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018 forcing organisations across all sectors into action, cyber and data has never been higher on the agenda. The insurance industry has been quick to respond to this emerging risk, with more and more insurers offering cyber insurance to their customers.

But what does cyber and data risk actually mean to independent schools and academies? What particular risks should schools be conscious of, and what should they look for from their insurance provider to ensure they’re effectively protected against these risks?

Aon have designed a guide for CPC Academy Members as an introduction to what cyber and data risk is, and what schools should be considering when arranging cyber insurance.

How does Cyber and Data Insurance Work?

Generally, Cyber and data Insurance policies are split into two main parts – protection for losses suffered directly by your school and academy and protection against your liability to third parties for losses they suffer. These two elements of cover will form the core of cyber policies. Many insurers will offer further covers in addition, including cover from crime, fraud and damage to equipment.

To request a quotation for Cyber and Data Insurance through the CPC Academies Insurance framework, please complete and return Aon’s Cyber Proposal Form.

Further details of the CPC Insurance framework for academies can be found on the CPC website or by contacting Gary Sadler e: t: 0161 974 0940.