13th May 2020

During the current period of lockdown, many children are having to be home schooled with teachers posting work packages online for them to undertake. This is a great way to continue educating our children during these difficult times but only if they can reach the materials shared so that they don’t risk falling behind.

Some disadvantaged or vulnerable children may have trouble accessing these tools and one issue that keeps cropping up is access to the internet at home. We have had a number of institutions enquire about how they can provide their pupils with mobile broadband services and we are delighted to be able to assist with the fully compliant EU CPC Telecommunications Framework.

There are several different packages available to suit your requirements, monthly or annual contracts and security encrypted devices, each ensures learners are given fair access to the online tools shared by teaching staff.

Please see the Telecommunications Services framework page for further information about the framework or contact the CPC Help Desk on 0800 066 2188.