12th Jun 2020

NWUPC has reviewed the tender timelines for our forthcoming agreements, in accordance with Regulation 72(1) of PCR 2015, to ensure that they are realistic and achievable for all parties involved.  Each contract has been assessed on an individual basis in accordance with the process established by the UKUPC Joint Contracting Group with consideration given to the availability of staff at the regional consortia and within institutions to manage the tender process; as well as the ability of suppliers to submit bids when operating with a reduced workforce. 

NWUPC has taken the decision, in conjunction with the participating regional consortia, to extend the current White Goods and Associated Products and Services Agreement until 28th February 2021. 

Incumbent suppliers have been notified and all relevant systems will be updated when signed extension letters have been received from all suppliers. The above stated modifications to the contracts will be published by way of an OJEU notice.

Should you have any queries relating to this framework, please contact the framework manager, Ekkehard Kugler on 0161 974 0964 or via email to [email protected]