22nd Jul 2020

The new ICT Hardware and Peripherals framework agreement has been awarded and began on the 1st July 2020. This agreement replaces the old ICT Desktop Hardware agreement that expired on the 30th June 2020.

Full details can be found on the ICT Hardware and Peripherals framework web page. The new agreement contains 5 lots including a peripherals lot and a new multi-purpose lot. The lot structure is as follows:

  • Lot 1 – Desktop PC Solutions
  • Lot 2 – Portable Devices Solution
  • Lot 3 – Peripherals
  • Lot 4 – Apple Solutions
  • Lot 5 – Multi-Purpose Lot

Within the scope the agreement includes remanufactured equipment, bespoke equipment, new technologies, imaging services, maintenance services, other relevant services including asset tagging and training & support for all solutions.

Over the 5 lots there are 20 very keen and knowledgeable suppliers, supplying a wide range of products.

Benefits of the new agreement include:

  • A vast product and manufacturer range including but not limited to brands such as Dell, Stone, Apple, HP, and Lenovo.
  • Direct Award and Further/Mini Competition options available
  • Ease of use with additional tools for the above including a Desktop and Mini Competition Calculator
  • User guide and template documentation
  • A multi-purpose lot, to save time and resource
  • Supplier website pricing to be available within 2 months of award

Visit the framework web page to find out more and to access the user guide.

Should you have any queries or require any further information please feel free to contact Jane Edwards on [email protected] or 0161 823 1860