13th Aug 2020

CPL Group's fully CPD accredited training programme launched in May and since then over 130 CPC members have signed-up to take part. The online course features five e-learning modules that cover the fundamental principles of good procurement practice.

We have received some wonderful feedback from CPC members who have completed the course. This is just some of the feedback we have received:

"I found the course very useful. The content was easy to digest and the many links to useful external resources is invaluable. I feel more confident in where to access advice, support and extra resources.”

“I really enjoyed the ease of access to complete the modules and the ability to save progress and come back to it. Very relevant to anyone involved to any degree in procurement in education.”

“The learning was easy to follow. Was delivered at the right level. System was simple to use - Excellent Course.”

“Clear modules, easy to understand.”

The course has been specifically designed for School and Academy Business Managers and for those with responsibility for procurement in schools, academies or trusts as well as those new to procurement working in further and higher education. There is no cost for CPC members to register as CPL Group are absorbing all user licence costs for this programme for you as part of our charitable objectives to give back to CPC members.

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Please email Pat Condon, Head of Procurement on [email protected] to register with the details below:


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