7th Dec 2020

The new and improved Audit Services framework, due to feedback of requirements from members is split into 12 regional lots for Internal Audit and 12 regional lots for External Audit. We have also added a National lot for Internal and External Audit Services for those Large College Groups or Multi Academy Trusts, where they may have institutions in more than 1 region.  

The framework has a wide range of suppliers with 21 audit specialist providers across all 26 regional lots with a maximum of 12 suppliers per lot.  We have also added in the option for members to benefit from an efficient and compliant route to market using the Sourcing Cloud, in addition to CPC’s Quotation tool.  

CPC members using this framework will also have the option to award a contract either by direct award or by carrying out a further competition. Their choice will be dependent on the complexity of their requirements and their own internal financial regulations.  It is anticipated that direct award may occasionally be utilised where there is an urgent and/or a one-off need by determining which supplier offers the Most Economically Advantageous Tender. However, Members are encouraged to engage in a further Competition to secure best value in all other cases. 

Further information can be found on the dedicated  Audit Services framework page on the CPC website, or from Procurement Officer Ria Logan on  [email protected]  or 0161 974 0955.