6th Jan 2021

CPC’s ICT Hardware and Peripherals framework agreement was successfully retendered at the start of July 2020. Six months prior during the retender process, suppliers were asked if they could provide online live pricing to make purchasing through the framework easier for members, particularly for small orders via a Direct Award option.

The majority of suppliers have now created a customised CPC webpage containing framework pricing and products. Many suppliers have even gone one step further by creating a CPC supplier ecommerce website so members can purchase online under the framework agreement when making small orders via a Direct Award. CPC’s Quote Tool and Sourcing Cloud are still available and remain the advised route to market.

Full details with links and how to register for each suppliers’ online pricing is available with the updated User Guide on the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework page. It should be noted you will need to login with your member account to access this information.

This agreement covers 5 lots as follows:

LOT 1 – Desktop PC Solutions

LOT 2 – Portable Devices Solution

LOT 3 – Peripherals

LOT 4 – Apple Solutions

LOT 5 – Multi-Purpose Lot

Lot 5 is for the provision of goods and services including but not limited to both the supply only aspect as well as the supply and installation of all products and services in Lots 1 – 3.

We hope that you will find this information useful and that it adds extra value to the framework for you.

Should you have any questions or require any further information about online pricing or any other aspects of this framework agreement please get in touch with contract manager Jane Edwards at [email protected] or on 0161 823 1860.