30th Mar 2021

CPC's Software License Resellers Agreement for colleges covers provision for a wide range of IT software. The agreement allows for direct award either on a ranked basis or by using a desktop calculator and further competition. CPC recommend members carry out a further competition to gain best value.

The framework is split into the following lots:

Lot 1 - Microsoft and Associated Services (single lot for all Microsoft software, licenses, maintenance, renewals, support and associated services).

Lot 2 – Adobe:

            Lot 2A - ETLA – site licences, multi-site or unlimited

            Lot 2B - CLP Agreement (perpetual licenses), VIP Agreement (named user/device licenses) and other adobe products.

Lot 3 - VM Ware : VMware software and licenses including support, maintenance, renewals and associated services including consultancy. 

Lot 4 - Other – miscellaneous and commercial off-the-shelf software and associated services.

Lot 5 - Software services including but not limited to: software asset management, auditing, cloud services and consultancy.

Building on the success of the previous framework, this new framework agreement continues to offer a wide range of suppliers to choose from and enables members to buy a range of products through single source options.

Full details including a user guide and desktop calculator are available on the CPC Software License Resellers Agreement for colleges framework page.

Should you have any queries relating to the use of this framework, please contact Contract Manager Jane Edwards on [email protected] or 0161 823 1860.