6th May 2021

Our DfE recommended ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework has a range of specialist suppliers across five lots:

  • Desktop PC solutions
  • Portable device solutions
  • Peripherals
  • Apple solutions
  • Multi-purpose lot

CPC’s Contracting Team have set up two calculators to help you to make your award to the supplier that best meets your ICT requirements. Using the desktop calculator when carrying out a direct award will save you time whereas the further/mini competition calculator will take into account your specific requirement and open up competition amongst suppliers, providing you with best value for money. We do recommend using the further/mini-competition calculator but there is also a direct award calculator if required.

We have prepared two short videos to demonstrate how the desktop calculators work to help you get started. The videos can be downloaded from the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework page and the calculators are available in the framework user guide.

Should you have any queries relating to the use of this framework, please contact Contract Manager Jane Edwards on [email protected] or 0161 823 1860.