26th Jan 2022

The Gas and Electricity Markets have opened around 10% higher this week. This is due to several factors, including the political unrest in Ukraine and the news that the UK and US have removed diplomates from the Ukrainian Embassy. The lack of wind for this time of year in the UK is also having a large affect along with European gas storage levels reducing on a weekly basis. However, temperatures are set to rise in the coming days and there are 14 LNG cargos due to be delivered by the first week in February which is helping to stop prices rising further. 

Dukefield Energy are the dedicated provider on CPC's Utilities Supplies & Services framework and they can support you with any concerns or queries. Dukefield have a number of options available to help manage the risk of the rising prices and if you have a utilities contract that is up in the first half of the year we advise to contact them to discuss your options. 

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If you have any questions at all about your energy procurement, then please get in touch with Dukefield Energy on 03454022461 or [email protected]