24th Oct 2022

Due to the current economic climate and accompanying uncertainties in the supply chain, CPC are receiving a growing number of requests for price increases from suppliers on the CPC Multifunctional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions framework.  

Challenges in the British economy are currently well-publicised, with increased energy and fuel outlays affecting manufacturing and transportation costs, on top of reduced product availability throughout the supply chain. 

Working with our suppliers, CPC will review applications, seeking evidence and justification, as per our framework terms and conditions.  

It is only after such a review that any application may be approved.  

Price increases will only be considered if they are as a direct result of increased purchase costs incurred by our suppliers.  

Please note that whilst CPC can review pricing as a base for any future framework call-off, we are unable to accept any price increases for existing call-off contracts to which we are not party.   

As a result, our suppliers will need to seek your approval for any existing call-off contracts you may have under the framework. 

If suppliers contact you directly to request any pricing increases, you may wish to seek your own evidence for your consideration.