24th Oct 2022

CPC is pleased to confirm the previous CPC-led Outsourced Catering framework has been re-tendered, through discussions with CPC members and suppliers of the previous agreement. 

This is the latest in a series of successful CPC Outsourced Catering Service frameworks, which have been utilised previously by more than 400 educational establishments, including schools, colleges, academies/academy trusts and universities. 

The aim of this framework is to provide a straightforward solution to help your institution procure a new catering service and a new contract catering company, with regional and national competition driving innovation and securing value for money. 

Using the framework could benefit your institution by reducing costs, generating a return on investment, providing a high-quality service with healthy meals and funding state-of-the art facilities.  

A considerable amount of pre-market engagement was undertaken prior to the issue of the tender documentation, taking the form of a review of the terms and conditions with lawyers and potential suppliers.

This was to assist in gaining supplier buy-in, while also ensuring the terms were fit for purpose in the midst of market volatility. 

The re-tendered framework comes with a suite of tender documentation, including example specifications and the revised terms and conditions of contract.   

The framework itself has some 36 suppliers, who are contract catering companies for schools, academies, colleges and universities, with these suppliers distributed across 32 regional lots.  

Your dedicated CPC Contract Manager will offer support, guidance and assistance throughout the whole tender process, while the framework also offers a bespoke user guide and mini competition document to support all CPC members. 

If your institution catering contract expires within the next 12 months, don’t delay, start the process now and get ahead of the game. 

Should you require any further information on the CPC Outsourced Catering Framework, or have any questions, contact Category Manager Majid Khan on 0161 974 0949 or via [email protected]