28th Sep 2023

TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) are close partners of CPC and experts in the field of catering procurement, with this article highlighting what they can offer our members.

While CPC offers compliant purchasing framework agreements that span a wide and diverse range of areas and disciplines, TUCO’s specialist focus lies exclusively with the catering trade and its associated goods and services; from kitchen equipment to waste management to vending provision.

As a leading membership body for the education sector’s in-house catering staff (as well as those in the wider public sector), TUCO are connected to professionals across the rolling realm of UK primary, secondary, further and higher education institutions and all TUCO frameworks are member-led.

Moreover, like CPC, TUCO operates as a not-for-profit organisation, providing its members with access to developed buying frameworks that are crucially compliant with present procurement regulations and take much of the stress and strain from staff looking to fulfil their institution’s catering requirements.

Existing CPC members are eligible to join TUCO free of charge, enabling access to a host of dedicated catering frameworks and associated suppliers.

Any readers wishing to become a TUCO member is advised to ensure they are registered with CPC first, then complete their online application form.

Alternatively, CPC members can call the TUCO team on 0161 713 3420, while CPC's, Majid Khan is also available to talk TUCO, on 0161 974 0949.

For more on TUCO and their current active framework agreements, click here.