31st Oct 2023

The new CPL Group 'Giving Back' funding window opens on Tuesday 7th November 2023 and will close on Thursday 7th December 2023, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for your institution and make sure you get your applications in during the four-week window.

Since 'Giving Back' was formed in 2019, over £1.1 million has been designated for re-investment in the form of various projects, with the largest amount being used specifically for awarding non-refundable grants to our members. So far, £547k of grants have been 'given back' to date, to 101 institutions around the UK.

The funds previously redistributed in the education sector, by way of the 'Giving Back' initiative, have helped support a wide range of projects, enabling us to enhance teaching and learning, help disadvantaged children and improve a child's experience of education.

As previously communicated, CPC is part of the CPL Group, a registered UK charity and not-for-profit organisation with a Board of Trustees that reviews and redistributes a proportion of the surpluses made across its three subsiduary organisations (CPC, Tenet Education Services and Tenet Procurement Services).

We look forward to receiving your application and continuing to make a difference to the wider education sector, through our 'Giving Back' charitable efforts.

For details on how to apply, visit ➡️ https://cpl.group/sponsorship/1