31st Jan 2014

Further to last month's article we were delighted to be able to launch the Print and Related Services Framework on Monday 13th January.

The supplier induction meetings took place on 7th and 8th January. These were extremely useful sessions for CPC and supplier feedback was very positive. There are very few suppliers from the previous agreements on the new framework, although a couple of the suppliers who are new to Print with CPC are on other frameworks already.

The framework was separated into four Lots: Lot 1: Printing, Lot 2: Design and Print, Lot 3: Large Format Colour Graphics and Lot 4: Neutral Vendor. Full supplier details are already available on the CPC website, also available is the User Guide with copies of the tender document, details of the Award Criteria and more. We have already seen a few exercises undertaken using the CPC Quote Tool and we hope the new framework will be of great interest and benefit to members, the suppliers all seem very keen to help.

Please contact Adrian Davies, Contracting Manager, if you have any questions around this framework.