31st Mar 2014

You will already be aware that the Arts and Crafts Supplies EU tendered framework agreement split into five lots was awarded on 22nd July 2013 to the following suppliers:

  1. Seawhite of Brighton
  2. Tindalls Stationers Ltd
  3. Turners Ltd

We recognized that the majority of our members were desperately keen to have this framework agreement in place and therefore a decision was made to go out to tender for this area. However, we are a little concerned as the overwhelming demand we have had from our members asking us to set up this framework is not reflected by the usage to date.

We would like our members to capitalize on the savings that can be achieved by utilizing this EU compliant framework agreement and we would really appreciate it if you could please let us know if there are any specific reasons why you as a member are not using it.

Please provide any feedback or require any further information regarding this framework, please contact Ranjana Kapur at [email protected].