27th Jun 2014

Framework Reference: CPC/DU/A&C/02

Do you have need of Arts and Crafts supplies? CPC is pleased to provide members this excellent solution for all your Arts and Crafts Supplies. The framework is a best value EU compliant framework, providing a one-stop-shop for a Members’ Arts and Crafts Supplies across five lots.

  • Lot 1 Graphic Art Supplies

Suppliers: Seawhite of Brighton, Tindalls and Turners

  • Lot 2 Art and Craft Papers

Suppliers: Seawhite of Brighton, Tindalls and Turners

  • Lot 3 Fabrics and Fabric Design

Supplier: Turners Art Limited

  • Lot 4 Modelling and Crafts

Supplier: Turners Art Limited

  • Lot 5 National One-Stop-Shop

Supplier: Tuners Art Limited

Award to any of the industry leading suppliers on the framework is via direct award without the need for further competition. However Members may choose to conduct a further competition in pursuit of added value should they wish to do so.

If you have any questions about the particulars of the framework and/or its use, please do not hesitate to contact the framework Contract Manager, Ranjana Kapur, [email protected] or call her directly on 01612953873. Alternatively full details of the framework, including supplier contact details and a comprehensive User Guide can be obtained from the CPC website.

Please be sure to quote the framework reference number above when making an enquiry or placing your commission in order to ensure you are compliant and gain access to the framework pricing.

If quality, best value Arts and Crafts Supplies is important part to you and your organisation, why leave matters to chance when this compliant framework exists to deliver excellent, best value supplies to you?