8th Sep 2014

Not all software is licenced in the same way. There are complex legal and compliance issues that have to be understood and you could easily have the wrong type of licence without knowing. That’s before we even start to factor in renewal costs and future-proofing your spending, or comparing bundle deals to individual licences. Even choosing the right software to suit your institution’s requirements can be incredibly difficult at times.

Computer software has become as fundamental to successfully supporting your students’ learning as having the right textbooks or well-maintained facilities. So understanding how best to meet your Academy or School’s ever-changing needs without overspending or potentially exposing your institution to negative legal repercussions further down the line has become crucial. Software vendors like Microsoft have been known to audit universities and colleges in the UK for non-compliant licencing and other educational bodies may become subject to these types of audit in the future.

This is why the CPC Contracting team have been working on a new framework for Software Licencing to ensure that our members have the best route to market. This framework is the first of its kind in that it has been fully tendered through the EU, making it the most compliant and efficient route to market with all the hard procurement work done for you. As a member of CPC, you now have access to the highest accredited software licence resellers who will work with you to ensure you are licenced correctly. We have made sure to cover all off the shelf software including Microsoft and Adobe and by using the framework you are guaranteed to get more competitive pricing than contacting the resellers independently.

As with all CPC frameworks, quotes can be requested through our custom-built quotation portals, and you have expert advice on hand from both our Contracting team and our dedicated Helpdesk.

Although this framework has only recently been launched, we are already receiving feedback that we have helped members make large savings on their software licences. Download the User Guide here and see how the framework could help your institution too or go straight to the quotation tool here and start the procurement process.

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