1st Dec 2014

The Lift Maintenance framework expired in October this year and work is underway with our Joint Contracting partners NEUPC for the replacement tender exercise. We would really appreciate member involvement & feedback to ensure that the new framework meets all of your wide ranging requirements.

We are keen to hear from you on what you think should be included in the framework and how we can structure it to ensure it works for you. This is a great opportunity for you or perhaps a relevant colleague to get involved in the tender process & there are a number of ways in which you could potentially help out.

Just some of the various ways in which you could help include;

  • Provide Technical Input
  • Provide sample specifications
  • Provide any relevant feedback on the existing agreement – what worked, what didn’t
  • Provide details of any special requirements or considerations
  • Review of tender documents

If you require any further information please contact