1st Jan 2015

The Further Education Library on Procurement (FELP) is an information database that houses a wealth of procurement guidance and advice for best practice, detailed notes on policies and procedures, and robust templates and sample documentation. It is an extremely useful resource that was maintained by the AoC Procurement Team, but since the removal of that function FELP has remained dormant.

Agreement has been reached with AoC that CPC will take over the hosting and maintenance and work is now complete on the transfer. FELP will be accessible to all CPC members and to any FE colleges who are not CPC members.

Following a recruitment exercise we have appointed Jo Frost, our Regional Procurement Advisor for London and the South East, to manage the content – Jo will be responsible for the initial audit and data cleanse, and then the ongoing maintenance. We will let you know when the main update is complete.

For further information please contact Julie-Ann Garton at: