1st Mar 2015

Crescent Learning Website

Crescent Learning has arrived and we think that you'll be impressed with the range of new and existing resources available to you. We are building a website to host all of our training and procurement resources. The new website will give you:

  • Regional Training Events for FE and Academies
  • FELP
  • Procurement Training Qualification (CPC Full Members only)
  • DfE Procurement Resources
  • Crown Commercial Services Procurement Resources
  • You will also be able to make online bookings and payments for all of our events. The new website will be ready soon, we will let you know when Crescent Learning is launched.

    Regional Procurement Training

    We are running a number of training courses over the coming months covering introductory level through to intermediate level – all for £50 per session. Please click here to get the latest news and to book your place.


    You will soon have access to the latest news and guidance, Jo Frost is working hard on getting the site ready for re-launch over the coming weeks. We will make sure you know when FELP is launched and give you the support you need to take full advantage of this valuable resource. FELP will be accessible to all CPC members and to any FE colleges who are not CPC not members.

    The Public Contracts Regulations

    The updated Regulations came into force on 26 February and we will be running a number of training sessions throughout the country for our members, dates will be announced soon. You can find out more about the Regulations here, in summary the main changes are:

    • The distinction between Part A and Part B services will disappear and the obligation to procure "social and other services" will be subject to similar obligations regarding advertisement
    • Expedited Call for Competition
    • Changes to the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation
    • Introduction of a new Innovation Partnership Procedure
    • Changes to Award Criteria
    • Cost / Price Award criterion
    • Reforms to benefit SMEs

    • If you need more information about Crescent Learning please contact Julie-Ann Garton at [email protected]