1st Apr 2015

Did you know that CPC offer a benchmarking service? Well, we do! We’ve done a number of comparison exercises recently and we think you’ll find the results an interesting read:

The latest activity includes a small comparison exercise undertaken on the Tools, Fasteners, Fixings, Adhesives and Ironmongery framework. The Institution had a spend of £628.20 and benchmarking results back from our suppliers showed that by using the framework next time for these products the member could achieve a staggering 93% saving.

A larger exercise comparing nearly 160 products was carried out on the Construction Workshop and Estates Supplies framework. The Institution had a total spend of £16,324.24 and benchmarking results showed a saving of 14.52% available to the member next time they purchase similar items by using the CPC framework.

Have a look on the website here to see the other exercises that have been carried out.

If you would like to take advantage of the benchmarking service or for further information, please contact Keeley Blackburn, Contracts & Procurement Officer.

Please be assured that we do not share your details or pricing with our suppliers, we use the key details of the product descriptions and quantities purchased and ask our suppliers to quote on a like for like basis.