1st May 2015

Work has commenced on the tendering of a new framework. This will be called Estates & Facilities Supplies, with a start date of 01/09/2015. It replaces three separate frameworks - Cleaning Chemicals & Janitorial Supplies, Refuse Sacks and Supply of Toilet Tissues & Related Paper Products.

We now intend to have these as four separate lots (listed below) under one framework; however, we will be adding a fifth lot as a "One Stop Shop". If you have any suggestions on how the lots should be structured or what could potentially be included that's not covered under the existing frameworks please send it to us to consider. The current format is for the framework to be split into 5 lots, however, we are reviewing spend and welcome any feedback on whether members think some of the lots could be amalgamated.

  • Lot 1 Cleaning Chemicals
  • Lot 2 Janitorial Supplies
  • Lot 3 Refuse Sacks
  • Lot 4 Toilet Tissue & Paper Products
  • Lot 5 One Stop Shop

We would be grateful if you could please provide any information that you might wish to be considered for inclusion in the tender, any shortcomings on the existing agreements and feedback on your experience of using the current frameworks

Knowing about your institution's experience with the frameworks and any future requirements will help us to define what is best included in the tender documents. The information you provide will not only form the basis for the specification but will also help us map CPC member requirements as accurately as possible.

We would like to arrange a Tele forum user group and would be very keen to hear from you should you wish to get involved. There will be a follow up meeting regarding the same process to review the tender documents.

Please contact [email protected] to express an interest in participating in the user group.