1st Jul 2015

We are pleased to announce the outstanding results from the customer satisfaction survey conducted by Lyreco recently. The overall satisfaction rate was 91% which obviously demonstrates the high level of service our members have been receiving from Lyreco. This is based on a response from 153 members of the 250 that were invited to participate in the survey.

The Lyreco account managers will of course duly contact the members that were not completely satisfied. We are continuously seeking feedback from our members so if you were not invited to participate in the survey or were unable to provide feedback to Lyreco you might wish to send your feedback to Ranjana Kapur at [email protected].

Lyreco appreciate members’ valuable feedback and to help the CPC members maximise the use of recycled/recyclable products and Go Greener, they have launched (Eco)mpetition in June this year. The Winner would be one of the qualifying member institutions that increases their environmental spend by the highest percentage as at 31 December 2015 and they would win £1000 worth of products from Lyreco Catalogue.

All the qualifying members will have been contacted by the Lyreco account managers at the beginning of June and will have been provided with all the information about the competition. Please see the attached flyer or contact your Lyreco account manager if you require any further details.