1st Feb 2016

For insurance renewals due 1st August 2016, now is the perfect time to start preparing your insurance tenders for the CPC FE Insurance framework. It is easy to underestimate the time involved in gathering the information required for your market presentation, so please don¹t start the process too late. The framework providers appreciate receiving tender requests as early as possible as it allows them more time to familiarise themselves with your College and to gather any additional information they may require. The longer you allow suppliers to respond the more opportunity you give your institution to achieve best value for money. As an example of the savings that can be made, last year a College saved 28% on their annual premium through the framework agreement and actually stayed with the same provider. Over the last two years new users of the framework have saved on average 21% through the CPC Insurance framework. All the details of the framework can be found on the CPC website and should you wish to discuss the details or need any guidance please contact Gary Sadler by tel: 0161 974 0940 or by email: [email protected]