1st Mar 2016

The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 introduced changes to the information that must be published in an OJEU Notice and required new forms, for example, the new contract notice and award notice for procurements falling under the Light Touch Regime. The new forms have now been published by the EU Commission and are live on the SIMAP. All contracting authorities (i.e. schools/academies/colleges etc) should now prepare to use the new standard forms and notices in relation to procurements subject to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (e.g. contracts over the relevant threshold where a framework is not being used).

Procurement Policy Note 17/15 provides more information on the new forms and a step by step Guide to Completing OJEU Contract Notice, available on FELP, has been updated to reflect the new requirements.

For members who publish OJEU notices directly on SIMAP we recommend you check that your e-notices user profile is set up to show forms covered by Directive 2014/23/EU in order to ensure you are accessing the new forms.

For members who use an e-tendering provider e.g. Intend, to publish OJEU notices on their behalf, we recommend you check with your provider to ensure their systems have been adapted to accept the new standard forms and notices. The guidance in the procurement policy note does allow for transitional arrangements to continue whilst this takes place.