30th Mar 2016

Last month we announced that CPC had been invited to present about UK Education Sector Procurement and to engage with suppliers at a Procurement Partnering Conference Event taking place in South Korea on 13th May.

To provide advice to suppliers attending the event we thought it would be interesting to ask our members a few questions about their thoughts on new suppliers. We would be grateful if you might have chance to answer the following, thinking primarily about suppliers in the AV, ICT and Telecoms areas:

  1. What ideally would you look for in a new supplier?
  2. Would you be interested in working with a supplier that is new to the UK Marketplace? Yes/No - if No what is the main reason why?
  3. What is the most likely primary reason for choosing a new supplier? Price/ Quality/ Service/ New Technology/ Other – please state reason if answering ‘Other’

Could you please email your answers for the attention of Adrian Davies, at [email protected]

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for CPC and we are very grateful to our colleagues at DfE who suggested CPC for presenting at the event. If you have any questions for CPC about the event please contact Adrian Davies, Contracting Manager who will be attending on behalf of CPC.