21st Apr 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the Mandatory Standstill Period has now passed without challenge and providing we receive the necessary paperwork back from the successful suppliers we are hoping to launch this framework on 25th April 2016. We are currently working with the suppliers to finalise the information that will be available on the CPC website for each of them and the pages will be updated as soon as possible.

We believe that the new framework will not only offer a wider choice of suppliers but also cover our members' Cleaning & Janitorial requirements comprehensively.

The new Estates & Facilities Framework has been split into 5 lots:-

  1. Lot 1 – Cleaning Chemicals
  2. Lot 2 – Janitorial Supplies
  3. Lot 3 – Refuse Sacks
  4. Lot 4 – Toilet Tissue & Related Paper Products
  5. Lot 5 – One Stop Shop

Please follow the link to view details of the successful suppliers and the lots they were awarded to.