21st Apr 2016

Progress is being made on the development of the specification for the catering framework for our Academy members. CPC have developed a range of products which include the provision of Grocery, Frozen and Disposable products, which total some 750 lines. We feel that this will meet the needs of our members and this specification has now been passed to our partners on this framework Pelican.

Once the specifications are completed CPC and Pelican will look to engage with potential suppliers to ensure that the demand can be met by the market ahead of the formal commencement of the procurement process.

This framework is intended to be for the Academy market only and will mark the commencement of our collaborative partnership with Pelican to deliver catering procurement tailored to our Academy members.

Our FE College members can continue to benefit from our similar partnership with TUCO Purchasing Ltd for their catering needs.

For further information on catering, including how to access these frameworks, please contact Martin Angell on [email protected].