2nd Jun 2016

The Universities Advertising Group (UAG) have released a statement regarding ongoing use of the National Education Recruitment Advertising & Resourcing Services 2014 (NERARS) Framework.

This may not relate to CPC members and is for information purposes only. Please see below for the statement.

Over the last couple of years, it has become clear that Higher Education members, both UAG members and others have elected to utilise the NERARS 2014 frameworks for ‘Student/Corporate Marketing Services’ ONLY.

The UAG Board has decided that this option is against the spirit and possibly the legal position of these EU Compliant frameworks. Within the NERARS 2014 guidance and within the guidance documents of previous versions of these frameworks, the option to use the Frameworks for such activities has been allowed but only really as an addition to the core services i.e. HR Recruitment Services, these services being the prime offer available under these Frameworks.

The UAG Board has therefore taken the decision to send out the following policy statement regarding the use of the NERARS 2014 HR Recruitment Agency Frameworks:

“Student Recruitment /Corporate Marketing services can only be accessed via the NERARS 2014 Frameworks as a supplementary service offer where the HE member is already utilising one of the Frameworks for its HR Recruitment Advertising requirements. These student/corporate advertising services cannot be accessed in isolation because the UAG Board believes this to be in violation of the intention of the Frameworks as advertised through the EU Contract Notice.”

Existing arrangements are not affected by this update but should be applied to any new requirements or Framework Further Competitions.