1st Jul 2016

It has been 6 months since we launched the Desktop and Hardware Framework. We now have the first quarter results and so far an amazing number of 418 of our members have used the framework.

Purchasing Officer Helen Shaw, at Northern Regional College described it as a: “Simple and effective process, saved time in completing a tender.” She also said: “I love the quick quote but the In-tend quote is brilliant”.

IT Manager, George Frazer at South West College said: “The suppliers are always helpful and approachable” and agrees that there are efficiency savings are to me be made: “It takes no time at all to get the RFQ out there so it saved me a lot of time”.

ICT Services Administrator, Mark Besley at City Bath College recommended using CPC and said: “It’s a compliant route to market the website is easy to navigate around and the quote tool is very easy to use and award to suppliers. The process is easy whereby the quote is raised and the suppliers respond via an email.”

If you have used the framework, please complete the survey. Your feedback is plays an important part when it comes to reviewing frameworks and looking at improvements.

If you have any questions please contact Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer, Yvonne Winskill or call her on 0161 974 0955.