30th Aug 2016

The Crown Commercial Service issued a Procurement Policy Note in July 2016 to remind contracting authorities of the legal requirement that has been in place since February 2015, to publish certain contract opportunities (pre purchase) over the value of £25,000 on Contracts Finder and all contract award opportunities (post purchase) over £25,000 on Contracts Finder.

In summary:

  1. For contracts that exceed £25,000, where a college has chosen to advertise a contract, you must ensure an advert is also placed on Contracts Finder in respect of this opportunity.
  2. For all contracts awarded in excess of £25,000, a contract award notice must be published on Contracts Finder

For more information on what is considered 'advertising' and what information to publish on Contracts Finder please visit the Further Education Library of Procurement or contact your CPC Regional Procurement Advisor.

Note: All academies, schools and sixth form colleges in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are exempt from these requirements. All FE Colleges located in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are exempt from these requirements.