18th Jan 2017

The Branded Hair Products evaluation process is now complete and the mandatory standstill period has ended with no challenges. The framework will now launch on 23rd January 2017.

Please see table below for the successful suppliers.

Lot 1- Branded Hair Products and Kits Lot 2- Branded Salon Hairdressing Equipment and Furniture (including full salon design service & Refits) Lot 3- 3 One Stop Shop
Aston & Fincher Ltd
Dennis Williams Ltd
E.A. Ellison & Co Ltd
Salon Services
Wella UK

We are very excited about this new framework which offers excellent value for our members. We would like to thank all the institutions who contributed towards the specification, it was greatly appreciated as always.

If you have any questions please contact, Senior Contracts and Procurement Officer, Majid Khan at [email protected].