17th Feb 2017

We are pleased to inform you that the OJEU notice has been placed and tender documents are now available via the CPC electronic tendering website for the brand new framework, Total Facilities Management Services. The tender is being carried out using the Restricted Procedure and has been split into the below thirteen regional lots:

The services covered under the Total Facilities Management Framework are:

  1. Building Cleaning Services (Major Service)
  2. Mechanical, Electrical and Building Fabric Maintenance Services (Major Service)
  3. Catering Services (Major Service)
  4. Manned Guarding Services (Major Service)
  5. Waste Management Services (Minor Service)
  6. Grounds Maintenance Services (Minor Service)
  7. Estates Management (Minor Service)
  8. Additional Services – Reception, Postal, Energy, Water (Minor Service)

CPC envisage that the breadth and scope of this agreement will encompass requirements from the smallest School or Academy through to our larger FE and HE members.

Members will be able to call off as a minimum two of the services listed above under one TFM contract but are encouraged to utilise as many of the services available.

It would be appreciated if you could inform your incumbent suppliers of this opportunity and ask them to register their interest on In-tend. Once interest has been expressed they will be able to download the tender documents. The selection stage (SQ) returns are due back midday, 22 March 2017 and we are hoping to launch the new framework by June 2017.

If you have any questions please contact Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer, Keeley Blackburn at [email protected].