20th Mar 2017

Following from the supplier price increase article published on 2nd March 2017 relating to Office Furniture framework, NWUPC have agreed an increase on RRPs across non-core pricing from Godfrey Syrett, effective from 28th March, emanating from the devaluation of the Pound and the resultant increases from within their supply chain dating back to October 2016.

The company has sought to absorb the increases and reduce costs through sourcing from within the UK (where viable) and through improved efficiencies. The increases vary by product category and have been kept, where possible, to between 2-5%. Please see the attached breakdown.

Products: Response, Libra and Index have seen increases of 10%, with these being factored products purchased through agents and whilst stock of these products will be maintained, they will no longer be actively marketed. Soft seating has seen an increase of 7% with the exception of the following 11 products: Martha, Jude, Dusk, Eleanor, Layz, Lucy, Michelle, Poppy, Savoy, Skara (3%) and Mr Jones (2%.) This larger increase is due to the number of components required and particularly the vast quantity of fabric. There are no increases to the Essentials Range or core basket pricing.