14th Sep 2017

A comprehensive user guide is now available for the Total Facilities Management Framework. The user guide includes step by step guidance on how to undertake a further competition when calling off from this framework.

Please note that we are still considering some requested amendments to the call-off conditions of contract from five of the successful suppliers and these will be included within the user guide when agreed. We would expect these five suppliers to present their supplementary terms to members as part of the further competition process. If you have any queries please contact Keeley Blackburn for further information.

A mini competition template has also been provided which includes sample specifications and pricing schedules. Using the template mini competition documentation will ensure you run a compliant exercise, contracting within the terms and conditions agreed when setting up the framework and will ensure you provide suppliers with the relevant information they need to respond to your request.

If you have any queries on the use of the above frameworks please do not hesitate to contact Keeley Blackburn