18th Sep 2017

Members may be interested to know that the recently launched CCS Technology Services 2 framework is available for CPC members to use.

The framework provides all public sector customers with a solution for their strategic ICT service requirements.

The framework is split into the following lots:

  • Lot 1: Technology Strategy & Service Design
    To develop or enhance your ICT strategy and service design. Everything from business capability assessments through to the specification of the applications and toolsets to deliver your ICT services.
  • Lot 2: Transition & Transformation
    For implementing your ICT strategy or services, site relocation or transition from your current services agreement.
  • Lot 3: Operational Services
    This lot is for all your operation service needs and is split into four distinct service groupings including End User Services, Operational Management, Technical Management and Application and Data Management.
  • Lot 4: Programmes & Large Projects
    This lot is for customers who have large scale, complex or high risk projects and/or programmes that require the range of services offered in lots 1,2 and 3. This lot is split into two further sub-lots, Government Official Security Classification and Government Secret and Top Secret Classifications.

The benefits of the services include:

  • Extended choice of services; demand driven from in-depth customer discovery
  • It caters for all your service delivery requirements from disaggregation to single vendor outsourcing
  • Easy to use call off
  • Templates available on the CCS website.