15th Nov 2017

What is on offer?

In October 2017, the Government announced that it is making a total of £320m available to primary schools to underpin their policy of improving the physical wellbeing of children through enhanced PE and sport provision in primary schools.

Purpose of the Funding

The sports premium is ‘ring fenced’ which means it can only be spent specifically on PE and sport within the school and must be used to increase the breadth of your PE and sports provision resulting in increased participation in PE and sport. For more information please visit the Sports Premium Funding website.

How can CPC Help You?

If you are looking to purchase new sports equipment, CPC has a Sports, Gym and Fitness Equipment framework that offers great deals which is easily accessed via our Quote Tool. We are confident that the two national suppliers on the framework will meet your needs and offer great value for money. CPC services include benchmarking, where we compare the prices you currently pay against the prices of the two suppliers on the framework.

Contact us to know more

Please contact Keeley Blackburn, Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer at [email protected] should you require any further information or would like us to undertake benchmarking of your current deals.