15th Nov 2017

Recognising the need to meet the challenges faced by our members, CPC undertook an in depth review of it’s sourcing systems and those available to the education sector. Following the work carried out in late 2016 and early 2017 CPC chose to change it’s internal sourcing systems provider and since August have been using the service of ADB (UK) Limited, the leading provider of eSourcing systems across the NHS.

In addition to our own requirements CPC identified the need for Colleges, Academies and Schools to have access to modern systems designed to meet their requirements. This was reinforced by the deadline of October 2018 for all education establishments to carry out their procurement and purchasing activity electronically.

To accommodate this and ensure that education has fit for purpose systems by October 2018, CPC is partnering with ADB to deliver CPC Sourcing Cloud covering Frameworks, Quotes, Tenders and Contract Management.

We have provided a breakdown so you can better understand the key differences between the existing CPC Quote Tool and the new CPC Sourcing Cloud. If you would like to get started with the new system please call ADB on 0151 482 9230